Hey, Just want to take this moment to introduce myself!

My name is Gino, I'm a Professional Photographer based in a quite small town of Beaumont Alberta Canada, just 10 minutes away from the City of Edmonton.

I've been a seasonal Wedding Photographer for 9 years before me and my amazing wife Angel decided to be a full time photographer. 

We specialized in Weddings and Family Photography. We loved kids, we have 3 little adorable kids of our own and they are one of the reason why we fell in love on what we do. They are our forever model.

We loved natural and candid photos.

Capturing photos creates a special memories that will last forever and that's our goal to deliver for each and every client we have.

We also loved to travel, we want to see how wonderful our world is. 

So incase your planning to have your special day on a warm, sunny beach. Our bags are packed and ready to go. - ask us about destination weddings and will give you a discounted rate form our regular wedding rate. 

I am also a musician, I played drums since I'm on my 20's. so when I'm not holding my camera you will see me playing drums.

Just a heads up. Book with us and will make your session fun and exciting in every way we can!

Smile and have a wonderful day!